*XLIS Uniform

School Uniform

How to buy the school uniform?

1. Register: Visit the website newshop.davidluke.com.cn(Please do not use IE explorer)or use your mobile phone to scan the code below following DavidLuke official WeChat account and enter the “商城 Shop”-“New Shop” Input the mobile phone number or email adress to obtain the verification code to register your account.

2. Bind School: Click “Member Center” – “Children&school info” – “Add a Chidren&school info” to fill in the relevant information. The school code is 10298027

3. Purchase: Enter the school page, select the desired size and quantity for your school uniform and add to the shopping cart. Please check the number of school uniform items purchased to avoid mistake.

4. Payment: Select all the school uniforms you need to buy, fill in your delivery address (Accurate address),  submit your order and choose your payment option (Wechat and Alipay are available).

5. Delivery: You will be noticed by SMS after the items are sent out. You can also check the tracking logistics information in “My order” of your account.

6. After sales: If there is any problem with size/quality and you would like to exchange your school uniform items, please operate according to the “Returns Policy” on the after-sales service card.

7. If you still  have any question, please see the “Help center” or you can call us on our free hotline: 400-001-1982(Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00/13:30-17:30).