Xi'an Liangjiatan International School

Welcome to XLIS, Xi’an’s first IB International School since 2003. XLIS is a community driven international school with the aim in providing excellent education for all students, and encouraging students to be open-minded and risk takers, using skills to help prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

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XLIS is a community believer if you’re looking to become part of the XLIS Community or have any questions, queries, or concerns, please use the form below, and we will contact you soon.

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陕西省西安市,西安国际社区内西安梁家滩国际学校 710100

Xi’an Liangjiatan International School, Xi’an International Community, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, 710100

+(86) (029) 85915100-8000
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Admin Department 行政部

The admin department establishes rules and regulations, coordinates with other internal departments and external education departments.


Email / 邮箱:admin@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100 转8003

HR Department 人事部

The HR department support whole school HR planning, recruitment, staff salary and benefits, staff professional development and performance appraisals.


Email / 邮箱:hr@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100转8004

Student & Parent Centre 学生家长中心

The student and parent centre focuses on admissions and school publicity,as well as certain school events.


Email / 邮箱:pr@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100转8009

Finance Department 财务部

The finance department manages the process of financing, capital utilisation, capital consumption and distribution during school operation.


Email / 邮箱:finance_dept@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100转8016

External Communications & Cooperation Department 对外交流与合作中心

The external communications department is in charge of external cooperation, XLIS Exchange Program, school camps and collect high quality educational resources at home and abroad for school.


Email / 邮箱: sunny.jia@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:152-2931-8885

Resource Department 资源部

The resource department manages and oversees whole-school facilities, maintenance and purchasing.


Email / 邮箱:resources@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100转8041

ICT Department 信息技术部

The ICT departments provides teacher and student IT support, server and hardware maintenance, and whole-school IT management.


Email / 邮箱:ict@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100转8021

Health Centre 健康中心

The health centre provides medical support for whole-school and foreign healthcare assistance.


Email / 邮箱:health.center@xalis.com

Tel / 电话:85915100转8018

Teaching Assistant Department 助教事务部

The teacher assistant affairs department provides support for the XLIS teaching team.


Email / 邮箱:fiona.bai@xalis.com

Dormitory 住宿项目

Email / 邮箱:lu.liu@xalis.com

ECA Project 课后项目

Email / 邮箱:lee.li@xalis.com

University Guidance Counselor 大学升学顾问

Email / 邮箱:kate.yu@xalis.com

PYP Chinese Assistant Coordinator 小学中方助理协调员

Email / 邮箱:julia.fan@xalis.com

MYP Chinese Assistant Coordinator 中学中方助理协调员

Email / 邮箱:emma.yang@xalis.com