Whole-School Events at XLIS

Welcome to XLIS, Xi’an’s first IB International School since 2003.

XLIS is a three programme IB school focusing on PYP, MYP, and DP framework.

The 1st Classical Music Competition

XLIS Classical Music competition has something for everyone!

This one-of-a-kind festival offers students the unique opportunity to explore classical instruments and their music, meet outstanding artists and teachers, and finally participate in workshops, concerts, panel discussions, and more. Professional musicians and competition judges will be invited from Europe and the United States for this competition. In addition, any International school students in Xi’an who are interested in joining this competition can join this wonderful event. There will be prizes and scholarships awarded to the winners of the competition. Furthermore, every participant will get a chance to participate in a face-to-face lesson with professional judges and musicians. Also, all the participants will receive a certificate. The final winners will be announced after the recital at XLIS’ Blue Dragon Theatre.

UN International Day

On Friday, September 21st, 2018; XLIS had the immense pleasure to host its first U.N. International Day of Peace at its new state-of-the-art campus. The festivities cultivated a collaborative effort from students, teachers, and parents alike, who came together to create one of the most meaningful events of the year.

At XLIS, our students are exposed from a very young age to moral concepts that help shape them into the successful and internationally-minded leaders of tomorrow. Being tolerant and accepting of the cultural differences that we all share not only helps us communicate better, but also promotes mutual understanding and respect.

During this colorful and engaging celebration, our students had the opportunity to showcase their performing arts skills by providing our parents with not one, but two separate concerts. Self-expression with a multi-cultural approach provided the viewers with memorable performances.

Also, our XLIS PTA organized an international food-tasting buffet that rivaled any international culinary fair. From Korean dishes, Chinese treats, and Brazilian delicacies to a gigantic Spanish paella provided by our sponsors from the Xi’an Gran Melia Hotel, this event was a feast for all the senses.

Once our International Day Festivities came to an end, it was time to honor the importance of sports at XLIS. After two days of rigorous training, XLIS became the first international school in not only Xian, but all of Shaanxi to get the Jr. NBA certification.  All of the XLIS Physical Education specialists are now certified Jr. NBA trainers and will be sharing their newly acquired knowledge with students in their upcoming PE classes. To celebrate this momentous event, XLIS had a signing ceremony and a Jr. NBA skills competition which students of all ages competed in. Finally, this event highlighted once more the rapid pace at which XLIS is growing in the number of amazing learning opportunities that are available for its students and educators alike. XLIS’ U.N. International Day of Peace was a fascinating event, one that set the groundwork for all of our future sports and performing arts celebrations.

We thank our students, educators, staff, and parents for their support and contribution, and look forward to next year’s celebration!

Christmas Concert

Every year, XLIS celebrates the sounds and the colors of winter with its awe-inspiring Christmas concert! This yearly tradition has grown into two performances which include a primary and a secondary school concert. Some of its most engaging acts feature the primary choir ensemble, the XLIS piano ensemble, the secondary school choir, and the school band. Our Christmas concert also showcases three dance troupes: Dazzling Angels, Blue DiamonZ, and Royal Crystal, as well as a live orchestra and soloists encouraging audience sing-alongs. This concert is filled with Christmas songs, in addition to famous, multi-cultural pieces. The theme of the 2018 Christmas concert is “Together We Go”, which will also incorporate combined choir performances as well as videos created by teachers and secondary students. Finally, the aim of the concert is to strengthen the bond between the school and its extended family and to accept our cultural differences by expressing love to one another and honoring the true spirit of Christmas.

The concert will be on Friday, December 14th, 2018 at the Blue Dragon Theatre. See you then!

Chinese New Year

On February 5th, 2019, China will celebrate its most important and colorful festival: the famed Chinese New Year which is also known as the Spring Festival. In order to honor this marvelous, cultural celebration which marks the beginning of Spring, XLIS will host a Chinese New Year Celebration on January 25th, 2019. XLIS invites all students, parents and staff to join in and welcome together the year of pig! In Chinese mythology, the pig represents abundance and an affluent life. XLIS will use this opportunity to thank its growing family for all the support and love that we share each year. We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance. May the beauty and joy of the New Year remain with you throughout the Year of the Pig!

Sports Day

The constant growth and evolution that XLIS has experienced over the past 5 years, should be mirrored in the sporting events that it offers to its student body. Having a Sports Day that grows and changes with each year is crucial to providing our students with a balanced education. In the past we had a traditional Sports Day with just track and field events in addition to a few special games for our younger students. With our new campus and ever-growing student body, our Sports Day has changed. The event is now divided into three levels in order to maximize student and stakeholder buy in, participation and enjoyment. This year we are proposing to have three events which take full advantage of our campus’ facilities.

Students will play games, race boats and enjoy swimming races in the pool. Students will race, jump, throw and bounce in castles on our sports field and track. Students will also get to participate in a carnival featuring an arcade, crane, and dancing games, as well as face painting, food and prizes. It should be a wonderful day with both parents and children going home tired and smiling.

XLIS Summer Concert and Festival

Every year, XLIS celebrates the arrival of summer with an outdoor, sun-soaked event. This wonderful event brings our extended community together around an international food buffet, a student-centered concert and lots of fun-filled activities and games. Some of our students and parents have compared this event to a giant summer picnic. This year, we would like to encourage all of our friends and families to join in the fun as we welcome the season of plenty together!

XLIS: Who We Are

Xi’an Liangjiatan International School (XLIS), the successor of Xi’an Hi-Tech International School, International Department (XHISID), was founded in 2003. It is the first IB World School authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in the northwest region of China. It is also a key international education program supported by the Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Committee of Xi’an, Shaanxi. The new campus of Xi’an Liangjiatan International School covers a land area of 68,666 square meters. This establishment will be considered a green and modern campus which will provide outstanding international education on a large scale.

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MYP Students
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Why We Are Different



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