Welcome To Your Library

The XLIS library’s mission is to provide a safe and caring environment that supports the study, collaboration, research, and promotes a love of reading.

Libraries in international schools, including XLIS, play an important role. They enhance learning across the school community. The librarian, besides the overall management of the library, is responsible for the collection development. This includes not just books but virtual/digital sources of information as well. The librarian collaborates with teachers to build a collection that supports the concepts taught in the classroom.

They provide services that aid and support learning and teaching. They play an important role during the PYP Exhibition, MYP Personal Project, and DP Extended Essay, by acting as mentors and educating students on academic honesty, plagiarism as well as citation techniques. The school library plays an important role in furthering the objectives of the school.

At XLIS, the library is spread over 2 floors and offers a vibrant and flexible space to over 500 students and staff members.

The library at XLIS is equipped with desktop computers for students to use, 3 study rooms for students and a collection of resources, both digital and nondigital, that promote academic success and foster a life-long love for reading. It has a growing collection of fiction and nonfiction books that support the curriculum needs and varied interests of students and teachers. Besides English, the collection includes books in mother tongue languages like Chinese and Korean.

The digital resources cater to the needs of all students, from ECE to DP and include subscriptions to BrianPOP, BrainPOP Jr, Britannica School, Britannica Image Quest, Questia and more. The collection is continually being added to, and includes award winning books for children, culturally diverse books, as well as books related to UOIs and the IB attributes. Students and staff can access the library catalogue through the library software.

Primary students have one library class a week. They are taught information and library skills that include how to take care of books, library expectations, parts of a book and more. Upper Primary students are taught how to cite their sources as well as about Academic Honesty. Read aloud sessions are geared to connect with the IB learner profile as well as with the Units of Inquiry. These sessions help students think and reflect critically. Secondary students can use the library as well as issue books whenever they are free.

The Importance of Reading

Reading is extremely important. It expands the mind, improves concentration, improves vocabulary and comprehension, creative thinking, knowledge, and so much more. Keeping this in mind, the library at XLIS conducts Book Fairs as well as Book Clubs twice a year. These are geared to provide students and parents easy access to books in English.

Library Hours

The library is open Monday to Friday, from 8:20 am to 4:30 pm.

Primary students can issue up to 2 books for 1 week. Secondary students can issue up to 4 books for 1 week. If students need to renew their books, they can do so for another week. Books lost or damaged by students need to be replaced. If they cannot replace the book, they will have to pay the cost of the lost or damaged book.