XLIS Boarding Program

The XLIS residential program was created to model a safe and comfortable ‘home away from home’ for students aged 12 to 18. We offer two options for our resident students: a weekly boarding option for students who reside in Xi’ an, as well as full boarding option for students needing to spend their weekends at the campus.

Each student apartment can accommodate from 2 to 4 students and is equipped with modern and functional furniture. High quality bedding, study tables, ensuite bathrooms, and large closets are carefully designed to ensure our students are comfortable and safe. On the first floor of the dormitory, a study hall, a student lounge, a cafeteria, and a laundry room are available for our boarding students to conduct their daily activities, while enhancing their resident experience at XLIS.


Dormitory Management Team

The dormitory management team is composed of both foreign and local resident teachers responsible for the safety and well-being of the boarding students.  In addition, our students benefit from knowledge-sharing workshops, social and emotional counseling, and on-site health care.  Moreover, an enticing weekly menu created under the supervision of professional nutritionists from ADEN company, is revised weekly and often includes student-suggested dishes. Finally, our residents benefit from 24 security and cleaning services provided by ADEN company which hails from France.  


Dormitory Residential Program

The residential program at XLIS regularly organizes community-building and wellness-based activities, such as cooking classes, swimming classes, movie nights, and cultural celebrations. These events are meant to enrich the students’ residential experience and provide opportunities for them to socialize in a safe environment. Academic support and single subject tutors are available upon request and tailor to the individual needs of each boarding student. Furthermore, field trips which include visits to museums, art exhibitions, and scenic views of the city are also available during the weekend for full boarding students. Finally, the dormitory director and the coordinator are in constant communication with the students’ academic principals and teachers, thus encouraging all residential students to work diligently toward meeting their academic goals. They are also prompted to participate in social service opportunities and nurture their personal interests. The XLIS Residential Program strives to create a vibrant community of multicultural learners and student leaders.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in XLIS’ dormitory program and would like additional information.

Alex Rambaud: Resident Dormitory Director

Email: alex.rambaud@xalis.com

Lu Liu: Resident Dormitory Coordinator

Email: lu.liu@xalis.com


Application Process

· Application

· Interview

· Results and Invoice

· Agreement Sigining

· Check-in

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information regarding our dormitory and student resident services.


Student Schedule

XLIS Dormitory Schedule