Tuition Fees

Xi’an LiangJiaTan International School 

2021-2022 Academic Year Tuition Fee

                                                       A. Tuition Fee standard

* (All tuition fees are in RMB)

B. Registration Fee

Each new student is required to pay a registration fee of RMB2 000 upon submitting the application form.

C. Fee Inclusions / Exclusions 

1)  The basic tuition fees include snacks that the students receive from the school.

2)  The optional tuition fees include school bus and dormitory.

3)  The tuition fees exclude the school uniform and other student activities such as travelling expenses and meals for field trips and overseas excursions.

D. Textbooks

1)  Textbooks (either hardcopy or other media) will be provided at the beginning of the school year but have to be returned in reasonably good condition at the end of the school year. Students may be charged if the textbooks are lost or damaged.

2)  Worksheets and activity books (either hardcopy or other media) will also be provided as part of the school fees.

E. Payment Method

1)  Annual basic tuition fee should be paid in full before 01 May 2021.

2)  Students who join the school during the semester will pay according to the attending period.

F. Company Discount of basic tuition fees

1)  If a company has a certain number of student under their financial responsibility, the discount will be based on the number of students. Companies who choose to pay the annual basic tuition fee in full at the start of the academic year can enjoy the following company discounts if payment is received by the stipulated dates:

* 5% cash discount on annual tuition fees if payment to XLIS bank account is done before 01, May. (Student number: >=80)

2)If the annual basic tuition fee that is paid by the company and/or family in full at the start of the academic year, the above company discounts will be offered.

G. Sibling Discount of basic tuition fees

This discount is applicable ONLY to families with 2 or more children enrolled in the school. The 2nd child receives a 5% discount on the total fees (no discount on Registration Fees). The 3rd child receives a 10% discount on total fees (no discount on Registration Fees).

H. Bank Account

1)The only method of payment is via electronic transfer to the school’s bank,please add student name and tuition number as comment when handling bank transfer:

a)  Bank Name

Bank of China, Xi’an Branch, XI`AN RUAN JIAN YUAN SUB-BRANCH

Xi’an Liang Jia Tan International School

b) Account Number账号: 1036 7768 8155


2) Once a payment has been made, the payer must submit the original bank transfer slip to the school’s accountant to secure the student(s)’s enrolment completion.

Scanned copy Via email: finance_dept@xalis.com

Discounts applicable as per date featured on the bank receipt

I. Withdrawal of Students (Fee Refund) Policy

1)  Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing by the parents or legal guardians of the student(s) and must be addressed to the head of PR of the school at least ONE month before the planned departure date.

2)Requests for withdrawal during the first semester will be eligible to receive a refund of 30% of Semester 2’s basic tuition fee.

3)There will be no refund if the withdrawal takes place during the second semester.

4)If a request for a withdrawal take place ten days before the school’s opening date of first semester, the application must be made in writing by the parents or legal guardians, and then the withdrawal must be approved by the head of school for a full refund.

5)Students who have paid the year’s bus fee and dormitory fee in full of the academic year will be granted refund policy, and who apply for withdraw during the first semester will receive a refund of 30% of second semester.

6)There will be no refund of bus fee or dormitory fee if the withdrawal happens during semester 2.

7) A refund of tuition fees will only be made after the return of the Official Tax Receipt issued by school. We request that you keep a copy of the refund and payment documents for your own safety.

J. The school reserves the right to make any changes to the above mentioned policy.