XLIS Extra Curricular Activities

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Serve as a bridge between home and school, offering enrichment rather than simple instruction.


Promote the balanced growth of each child by providing developmentally appropriate activities.


Enhance play skills, increase social competence, and cooperative thought and action.


Provide appropriate peer contact according to each student’s wants and needs.

XLIS Extra Curricular Activities

XLIS provides all students the opportunity to join our ECA programs with over 20 ECA subjects to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Each ECA that is offered at XLIS is structured to enrich the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of all students. Our ECA program is designed to give all students opportunities to learn something more than traditional classroom learning and to give students something your child will enjoy with their friends or with students across other grades.
- Language
- Sports
- Arts
- Technology

Extra Curricular Activitives


Mandarin Public Speaking

This is a course combined with a variety of practical scenes, it can help children to stimulate their ability to use language, cultivate good manners and temperament, and establish public confidence in expression so that children can speak, learn to recite, host and other different forms of expression, and have the ability to think, express and solve problems independently.


Chinese - Primary

Primary Chinese ECA classes will be based on compulsory education language textbooks compiled by the Ministry of Education. Through comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing guidance, students will broaden their Chinese horizons and lead children to learn their mother tongue.


Chinese - Maths

The purpose of this course is to transfer the advantages of Chinese mathematics, which emphasizes foundation and strong thinking, to every learner through rich and interesting classroom activities and rigorous and well-organized teaching theory.


Musical Theatre & Drama

Betterland English Musical & Drama is the first children’s musical education brand in Northwest China. Supported by senior foreign musical education colleges—AMTA, outstanding musical performers and educators from the West End in London, Broadway in the USA, and domestic outstanding musical performers and educators are hired to bring our students the purest musical education



Drums are very important percussion instruments in jazz band. They are often played with other instruments, but drums can also be solo, solo is a form of performance with more personal charm and very expressive. The drum is the basic part of the band, mainly responsible for rhythm and rhythm control, it usually requires a very high standard on the drummer’s hands and feet coordination, rhythm, blood oxygen content, and stable personality.



Dance is an integral part of many cultures. Dance plays an important role in society as it brings people and communities together. Students need opportunities to view a wide variety of dance from various sources, such as live performance, peer choreography, guest dance artists, and recordings.


POP Dance

In this class the students will learn to move their bodies to the rhythm of modern pop music.  They will learn to express themselves through dance, follow choreographed movements and to coordinate moving their arms, legs, hands and feet together.  This is an active class where the students will gain cardiovascular endurance while having fun and enjoying the music!


Arts & Crafts

In the Arts & Crafts club the students have the opportunity to use a variety of materials to create 2d and 3d pieces of art work from painting, to collage, sewing and sketching. The students will have free choice activities and structured opportunities throughout the sessions. The Art and Craft Club is technique based.Here are the techniques and a general guidelines that students will learn and practice during the class.


Art Society

Through the Art Society, we will understand the creative networking required to be an emerging and exhibiting artist, writers, and/or musician. We will also begin to utilize unused space in XLIS to practice curatorial studies while also gaining knowledge on how to assemble a professional portfolio.


Creative Cooking

Goal: to practice mixing, measurements, and stirring skills. The students will measure and add ingredients to a mixing bowl. They will stir and mix the ingredients together. The students will learn how cooking is a chemistry of mixing things. The students will try tasting the food they made. The students will think about textures – gooey, sticky, soft, and crunchy.



Adhering to the educational concept of “Basketball shaping a great personality”, the American Basketball Academy teaches kids not only basketball skills, but also the excellent characteristics of diligence, perseverance, teamwork, responsibility and sense of honor through the basketball training and competition. It can also give kids a healthy mind, so that they will have the best performance in future work and life.



Baseball courses teach students to master basic skills of passing, hitting, running bases, and become familiar with baseball rules, and match-making exercises. Through baseball training, students learn baseball etiquette, and learn teamwork and competitive spirit.



Via practice of skills and promotion of technical ability, we want the players to know and master some techniques of football, and build interests of football, and eventually achieve the goal of physically healthy. The training sessions include: Running with the ball, ball passing & controlling, individual attacking, multiple players attacking, individual defense, and matches of 3v3, 4v4, etc.



The study of swimming is not only to cultivate students’ interest in swimming, but to achieve the purpose of lifelong physical exercise, Through learning and mastering the standard movements of freestyle technique, the students can establish the correct concept of movement technique as soon as possible and improving swimming skills. Students will acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills by the combined learning in relation to drowning prevention and swimming skills.



Tennis is a game that uses a racket to separate the net against the ball. Tennis has the characteristics of generous movement, entertainment, appreciation, and strong fitness. It can cultivate speed, strength, endurance, agility and other physical qualities, judgments, and reactions.


Table Tennis

In table tennis, primary and lower MYP students will learn: Ball control, Back hand, Forehand, Serving, Rallying, and ITTF official rules In ping pong upper MYP and DP students will learn: Serving, Forehand top spin, Backhand top spin and ITTF official rules. All students will have the opportunity to play in matches later in semester one.



For new learners, we use Snagolf from America (including clubs and teaching systems) to instruct kids. The main features of Snagolf are safe, easy and interesting, which helps kids get known the basic tips of golf. After Snagolf, we teach kids to play real golf in golf classroom.


3D Printing

This course aims to realize creativity into concrete objects through software and hardware, and to concretize abstract concepts through innovative teaching models such as visualization, such as designing 3D models with digital software. Then cooperate with open source hardware programming to learn to make their own creative inventions.


Model Airplane

The Model Airplane ECA aims to pass the aviation knowledge, production methods, the use of materials and tools to the students through the production of hand-thrown aircraft, rubber band aircraft, electric free flight, line control aircraft remote control aircraft, etc. in order to enhance the understanding of related knowledge, hands-on skills, innovation ability and practical ability.


IT Club

Students attending the IT Tech Club will learn practical knowledge in the following key areas; Computer hardware, Computer software and applications, Networks and network security, Websites, and coding. Each core area is taught in a progressive manner, allowing students to learn while using practical skills, and using newly learned skills to complete a series of real-world tasks.


Lego Robotics

Lego robots will be built by students guided by teachers using mechanical principles to design their own unique work in order to master knowledge in practice as well as the connection between knowledge and real life.



The After-school Athletics Programme (AAP) is an brand new initiative designed to encourage students in the secondary school to explore the benefits one may acquire through sports, by providing them with a cheaper option. This programme takes place simultaneously during ECA times. The coaches that support the AAP are locally hired, qualified, certified and experienced. They are supported by enthusiastic XLIS educators to ensure the safety and security of our students during the APP sessions.

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