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Xi’an LiangJiatan International school was authorized in 2017 and our first cohort of Diploma students successfully completed their diploma in May 2019. Since then the Diploma Programme has moved from strength to strength. This year, in the most challenging circumstances, our 2nd cohort completed the programme with 99% pass rate.

At XLIS we aim at providing an education that develops the whole person and our young adults are able to face the challenges in the world through the resilience and perseverance that they have developed over the 2 years of the diploma.

In our programme, we provide not only academic excellence but we also pay attention to the social and emotional development of the students. We are aware of the rigour of the Diploma Programme and we aim at providing all the necessary support to our students for them to complete their studies successfully.

We are an inclusive school and we believe in the skills and talents of all our students, therefore, we encourage and advise all our students to take the Diploma Programme and we advise them on their choices of their subjects. We have devised a range of subjects that tap into the ability and talents of all our students.

The subjects that we offer at XLIS are as follows and all the main subject groups are offered at Standard and High Level. We pay attention to the fact that most of our students are second-language speakers of English and we ensure that they develop their language skills in the earlier years in order to access the programme.

DP Coordinator

Mr. Shameek Ghosh

Diploma Programme (DP)

The DP is widely recognised as the best possible preparation for study at university, building research skills, encouraging independent learning, and promoting personal responsibility. 

Apart from the main subjects, the school also offers interesting CAS opportunities for our students. Our DP students are also independent in the community service and the activities they undertake for CAS. The highlight of their CAS activities is the Week Without Walls when they take their service to other areas within China and to other neighboring countries like Cambodia, Indonesia.


The success of our programme would not be possible without the dedication of our teachers who work tirelessly to ensure that the students get the guidance and feedback they require to be successful in their studies.  All our Diploma Teachers are highly experienced teachers who have had a lot of exposure to students in different countries.


Since the implementation of the Diploma Programme the success rate of our students has been high and the average score of our students match the world average. Below are the statistics of the May 2020 Cohort:

DP Subjects

At XLIS we offer the following subjects

Group 1: Language A

Group 2: Language B

Group 3: Individuals & Societies

Group 4: Sciences

Group 5: Mathematics

Group 6: The Arts






Mandarin Ab Initio

Business Management






Application & Approaches

Analysis & Interpretations


Visual Arts

School Statistics

Number of candidates registered in the session:

Number of diploma and retake candidates registered in the session:

Number of subject entries in the session:

Number of candidates who passed the diploma:

Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma:

Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate:

Average grade obtained at the school by candidates who passed the diploma:

Total number of candidates excluded from statistics:









Beyond The Diploma

All our DP students have enrolled in universities from around the world, and are ready to take their next step into the world with the tools needed to succeed.

All our students have enrolled in universities around the world and the first alumni in successfully completing their first year and entering their second year of their studies. Te=he feedback we receive from our alumni is always positive and they value the education and instruction that they receive from our school. Through our Diploma programme, we live the mission of our school and of IB ‘To provide an education that will help our young adults face the challenges of this everchanging world.’


For more details regarding the Diploma Programme, please contact the Diploma Coordinator, Jaimala Quinlan at jaimala.quinlan@xalis.com

DP Graduation

Moving Forward

Through our Diploma programme, we live the mission of our school and of IB ‘To provide an education that will help our young adults face the challenges of this everchanging world.’

Encouraged by the students’ initiative to have a governing body, the school has opened the door for a Primary Student Council. The Council gives students a platform to express their ideas and be able to take action.

Reflecting on the needs of having a government in the community lead P6 students to an extraordinary result. During discussions in the class they reflected on designing a summative assessment task that would promote student agency. They established the objectives and the primary structure of the Student Council at XLIS that would relate to students’ issues, represent them in the community and serve others.

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