Staff Testimonials

“The community at XLIS has helped me to feel supported and celebrated in a way that makes work feel purposeful and exciting. When I first heard of the school and of the city, it had felt like I found a hidden gem among all the international schools, and I could sense all kinds of potential in my development as a music educator, the academic growth of the school, and the writing of the story of my life. No place is perfect, but the hunger for meaningful achievement and the mindfulness to persevere well is definitely here at XLIS and here in Xi’an.”

-Nathan Kim,

MYP Music Teacher

XLIS Wind Symphony Director

Nathan Kim

We’ve spent three years as homeroom teachers at XLIS, and it’s been a remarkable experience. XLIS stands out for its supportive community and commitment to a well-rounded education. The school’s leadership fosters a positive work environment, encourages open communication, and values staff input. Professional development opportunities keep us updated on educational practices. The modern facilities enhance the learning experience, providing the tools for dynamic lessons.

XLIS has been more than a workplace; it’s been a second home. We recommend XLIS to any educator seeking a school that values professional and personal development.

Angie and Romann Loubser

“As someone who has spent over a decade overseas, returning to my hometown Xi’an, and witnessing the emergence of high-standard international education at XLIS fills me with immense pride and joy. XLIS is not just a school. It’s a commitment to the city’s growth and development as a hub of global education and innovation. As the Science Subject Leader, I am honored to be a part of this journey toward academic excellence and personal growth. Together, we are not only shaping the future of education in Xi’an but also empowering students to become confident, compassionate, and globally-minded individuals who will make a positive impact on our community and the world beyond.”

Kelvin Tian

“As a Chinese teacher at XLIS, I am privileged to be part of a vibrant community that fosters a truly global perspective. Having pursued my own studies overseas, I deeply resonate with the international atmosphere here that enriches both my professional experience and personal growth. I am constantly inspired by the collision of cultures, languages, and perspectives that our students bring to the classroom, guided by mutual respect. Through innovative teaching methods and interactive lessons, I strive to instill in my students the pursuit of excellence with cross-cultural understanding. I am honored to be part of a community that values open-mindedness and lifelong learning. I look forward to continuing to inspire and empower the next generation of global citizens in XLIS.”

Jane Feng

My name is Annie Clouatre. I have been an ESL teacher for the past 30 years. I am originally from the beautiful province of Quebec in Canada, but I now call Xi’an my HOME. As soon as I landed here, in July 2023, the school’s welcoming committee made sure I felt at ease. This feeling only grew more when I started orientation: I was not an IB specialist but I found, at XLIS, people who supported me and made me realize I could learn. I will forever be grateful to them. Being away from my roots can be challenging but I made friends easily and my “new family” keeps me grounded and happy. Xi’an also gives me new opportunities to discover its historically rich heritage.

Annie Clouatre